La naissance de nos modèles


Le Mini Rosa & le Grand Rosa

Thought during an incredible meal with our Italian friends, the Rosa collection is a thank you to this moment of friendship.
Rosa is the name of the street where this moment took place, where all together we created this line of handbags, around sketches and antipasti...

Everyday elegance

Le Sac Auguste

In honor of Augustus, the first emperor of Rome who loved to be spoken of in glowing terms...
Practical for its large capacity, surprising for its invisible magnetic closure and versatile for the different ways it can be worn, the Auguste bag is a perfect handbag for every day. Adopt it, you will only praise it...



In honor of the sun god Helios, who every morning drove a chariot of gold, bringing the sun across the sky. The Elios bag is made from full-grain leather, giving it structure and flexibility at the same time. Wear from sunrise to sunset.



Bright like a ray of sunshine. You radiate over 696 thousand km! It is the dimension of the radius of the Sun.
Published in 696 copies, each square is numbered by hand by its creator.



Its lines recall those of our Apollon bag. Its handle and its small size allow it to accompany you everywhere. Its interior dimensions are ideal, its two compartments and its zipped pocket, will allow you to slip in your essentials for the day.



Born from a desire to create a timeless and chic handbag for women who value the quality of the products they wear. From the choice of materials to the choice of colors, we put our hearts into the creation of this first collection.

The little story, ours, between you and us.

Are you this active and dynamic woman who takes up challenges on a daily basis and who gives elegance an important place in her life?
The one who pays attention to the smallest detail and who considers that a bag or a scarf should be the final touch that completes her outfit?
We share all of this, truly...
Let us entrust you with a few words...
Living in the heart of Paris, we are passionate about fashion and travel.
Over time, we have developed a deep attachment to Italy. From Rome to Florence, to the landscapes of Tuscany, we know all the secrets of this country and all that it has to offer.
Captivated by the world of leather goods, we set out to discover craftsmen who love a job well done, knowing how to shape noble materials, such as leather, to perfection.
These meetings with these passionate people echoed our strong taste for elegance, craftsmanship and refined materials...
After reflection, we then decided to embark on an incredible adventure: to create a brand capable of sharing our creations and our favorites with all women sensitive to the charm of a quality handbag...
This is how Basil was born!

Basile is an invitation to travel...
We believe a handbag should reflect the mind and heart of the wearer.
It is for this reason that we attach great importance to the uniqueness and elegance of the collections we create.

We want to share with you the joy of living and the desire to savor every moment of existence by offering Basile a flowery and applied universe that can bring you a moment of joy.

As elegance is reflected in the smallest details, we always accompany our handbags with a scarf.

Mathilde, who is overflowing with ideas, each more creative than the next, constantly continues her research and fills sketchbooks, some of which will give birth to new collections...
Maxime, meanwhile, manages to bring these beautiful ideas to life by studying the feasibility and then supervising the manufacturing...
To enter the world of Basile is to undertake a gentle journey towards creativity and craftsmanship taken to their highest level...

Basile has only one objective… That of making you free and proud to emphasize your identity through modern leather goods, adapted to the times and very functional.
We value this freedom!

Indeed, if beauty inspires, if noble materials make you dream, we never forget that we must above all satisfy this active woman whose handbag is the perfect way to carry her entire universe, day after day...


A first name carrying values

Pragmatic, Basile acts only after having studied and analyzed what must be essential...

    Our Apollon bag has been designed to be practical and to adapt to women's requirements: a quality bag, pretty, with elegant lines, neither too big nor too small, designed to contain their daily essentials. Its interior pocket will protect all the accessories that are precious to them and its exterior zipped pocket will contain those that must remain accessible. Its wide leather shoulder strap, designed to be comfortable, is adjustable and adapts to the morphology of each one. Like a model of pragmatism, the Apollon bag from our first collection in timeless colors is an ideal companion.

    Rigorous, Basile pays all his attention to the little details that make all the difference...

    To ensure that the quality of our collections is perceived at its true value, we demonstrate rigor down to the smallest detail. From production to delivery of our creations, we do everything we can to ensure you have a pleasant experience, worthy of what you deserve. Each order must show you the attention and care we give you. So, more than a package, it's a nice gift that you will receive in your mailbox!

    Because the small details are the most important, we have made the choice to use eco-responsible packaging and we always make sure that we plant more trees than we use.

    Behind an apparent rigor, Basile hides a gentle and warm temperament...

    It is through our creations, through our soft and flowery identity, through the choice of our materials and our colors, with the softness of satin and the warmth of leather, that we always try to convey the emotion , that of beauty, that of elegance, that of pleasure. The pleasure we feel at every moment shared with you. The pleasure of making you happy.

    Generous, always ready to listen, Basile likes to take care of those around him...

    It is to take care of you that we have chosen to work with the excellence of the know-how of our Italian Artisan-Leatherworker. To offer you quality products, we are constantly faithful to this proximity which is dear to us with our workshops in Naples, Milan and Paris. This proximity has become a symbol of trust, a necessity... And it is because trust is essential that we are committed to always listening to you.

    The Basil team